"Being healthy depends a great deal on a good balance between body, mind and spirit. Jacqueline has been instrumental in helping us maintain that balance by her insightful evaluations and solutions. Her skills, love and training have kept us happy and healthy with a refreshed outlook for many years".
~ John & Roberta W  San Jose, Ca
"Jacqueline has more than the intuitive touch. She has a deep knowledge of the body as her foundation for the incredible work she performs. There will be no spinning crystals and burning incense.... instead your session will be based in the laws of physics, biomechanics and  kinesiology. Pure and simple and unbelievably effective."
~ Rockey Snyder, CSCS, Personal Trainer   Santa Cruz, Ca
"Jacqueline's bodywork has benefited me greatly. She has helped me with many issues including low back pain, menstrual cramps, circulation issues and emotional blockages. Her work is sophisticated, precise and has produced some major changes in a gentle and natural way for my body to open, release and realign. I feel supported in every treatment and I come off her table feeling remarkably joyful."
~ Melanie F LAc  Santa Cruz, Ca
"I injured my low back in 2009, an injury so severe that I could not walk or stand without extreme pain. I went to various practitioners with no results. I took a series of cortisone injections that brought suffering but little relief. Finally I was told that surgery was the only option. Then someone recommended Jacqueline. I remember hobbling into her office in total agony. From the beginning, I sensed that her somatic approach, her understanding of the body's systems and her touch were PROFOUND. I committed to work with her and over the following weeks and months I made a complete recovery, without surgery. I remember how excited I was the day I could drive again and stand up at the counter and chop carrots! Now I'm taking tango classes."  
~Sally Wolfe, Santa Cruz Ca
"I am a longtime client of Jacqueline's. I can honestly say that I believe I would have a much less healthy body today if it weren't for her consistently excellent care over the years. I no longer have certain chronic illnesses that I previously had since childhood. I highly recommend her brilliant work." ~Susan B,  Music Professor  Santa Cruz, Ca

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"Our daughter was born with many physical problems and had been  receiving occupational therapy for them.  By age twelve, the O.T. and the orthopedic doctors had no solution for her problem of not being able to sit upright in a chair. We went to see Jacqueline and within a year our daughter was not only able to sit upright, but she started getting involved in Kung Fu. I was amazed. 
At that time I decided to start seeing Jacqueline for my knees. They were bone on bone with no cartilage. I was having severe pain and on many occasions needed a walker to get around. After seeing Jacqueline the pain came under control and I was able to be more physically active. Jacqueline is highly skilled and professional. She is able to help your body heal and come back into balance. I would highly recommend her."
~ Pam H  San Jose, Ca