As a Bodyworker Jacqueline works with a client to assess the whole person in order to identify the problem rather than simply focusing on the symptoms. This helps to ensure that the work you do together will assist your body-mind to once again have the ability to compensate in life.

Her background, creativity and education give her a unique perspective and compassion in how she "looks" at the body-mind in order to assist you in your healing process.

Her private practice had been located in Capitola, Santa Cruz county, California since 1990. She is now located in Sequim, Washington. Her vision is to help promote positive healing through Manual Therapy in an atmosphere of compassion, understanding, integrity and creativity. 

As an Educator, Jacqueline enjoys sharing her passion and enthusiasm for working with the human body with therapists from across the country and in Europe. 

She has also used her creativity and knowledge to author the book "Visceral Foundations; A Reference Guide to the Organs of the Human Body". 

It is important to her to help educate her clients in how to understand and maintain the new awareness and vitality they are experiencing within their body. This helps her clients to have the potential for greater freedom in their physical activities and in their life.

About Jacqueline Faulkner
Bodyworker, Educator and Student
As a Student Jacqueline's education includes:

  • Lowen System Dynamic Manual Interface
               -Certified Instructor and Practitioner
  • Visceral Manipulation
                -Teaching Assistant and Practitioner
  • Integrated Manual Therapy
                - Neuromuscular / Cranial / Visceral
  • CranioSacral Therapy
  • Therapeutic Horizons
  • Myofascial Release
  • Mechanical Link
  • Biodynamic Cranial
  • Applied Kinesiology for Bodyworkers
                -Teaching Assistant and Practitioner
  • The LaChance Method of Somato-Emotional Release
                -Certified Instructor and Practitioner
  • Cypress Institute of the Healing Arts - Graduated 2021
  • Twin Lakes College of the Healing Arts
              - Certified  in 1990 in Swedish Massage and Acupressure 
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